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Thank you to all of our customers who are starting to pay by electronic transfer (BACS).

This option is available to all customers who are either not available on the day of cleaning or unable to be available on the evening of collection. Please ensure that when making payments that you clearly state your name and address for our records. Once again a big thank-you to all customers/ friends who make it possible for the services that are provided, I will endeavor to accommodate any request, help or advise from our selection of services we offer.

Customers may now pay directly at the door for services that have been carried out on that specific day. Our new payment card processing service offers customers piece of mind when paying electronically, users simply insert there card and payment is made instantly, a receipt is then given by means of (A) an e-mail or (B) a text message. No information is collected and your verification is completed by chip and pin or contactless method. We have a minimum spend policy for our contactless/ chip and pin card machine of (£10.00)


For customers who don't carry cash or have no alternative payment methods for our services carried out on the actual day, we shall ask kindly for card transaction payment to clear any outstanding balance owed to the company. If our customers refuse to make a card payment for no plausible reason, but if your card has been frozen or you are awaiting a new payment card or if the card has been damaged, lost or stolen, this shall be what we class as acceptable conditions for not paying by card. We shall therefore add an additional surcharge of (£1.00)  for our call back if the payment cannot be completed online by BACS within the week of any our our duties carried out. This only applies to small cost services up to the value of (£50.00) We shall provide a written quote and invoice for alternative services and request our reasonable time scales for payment to be cleared on services above (£50.00).

Please could all participating customers who pay by BACS ensure that there payment is transferred into our accounts of (Nico Property Services) on the week that any repairs/ cleaning has taken place at your property below our (£50.00) threshhold, thank you.

We accept payment by Cheque, card and cash however our minimum spend is (£20.00) when paying by Cheque. Anything below this value when paying by Cheque shall be charged an additional (50p) administration surcharge. This charge will not be required when paying online by BACS or contactless up to the value of (£30.00) current.

If you have requested window cleaning services on a monthly duration we expect that our customers will participate in leaving their "gates, doors and access to their property" readily available, and any other obstructions clear for us to complete our work and services unless instructions have been left for our company NOT to clean that particular month. Failure to contribute to this will either mean an unclean full property as agreed or extensions that have been denied access to. We shall still as a company however charge the same price as agreed, less (£2.00) for our inconvenience even if access to the front and sides were permitted, but the rear of the property was inaccessable/ locked. By no means are we expected to climb or find alternative access to our customers property unless by appropriate methods. To enable customers from having this situation to face we update our locations daily on our website main page and state the date on the back of our service cleaning cards posted when cleaning took place, so this matter hopefully should not arise.




Customers who have accepted a service provided by NICO PROPERTY SERVICES will be charged a mileage percentage cost if the location of our service and duty falls from within our 5 mile radius of Hucknall. This will incur an additional 3% charge for every mile for the total cost of the agreed price carried out. This will only apply when the consumer wishes to have work carried out at a quoted price below (£50.00) any amount of service charge above will be exempt and will be free from obligation to this surcharge.


The company Nico property services will require a transferable deposit to secure our agreed booking dates and to validate our service contract to our customer. This will guarantee confirmation and booking between both parties and provide material costs required for our customers work to be acquired. The amount of deposit is (£100.00) for any quotes totalling above (£500.00). This deposit will increase by (£100.00) per additional (£500.00) and so forth.  The remaining final balance invoice must be paid by either cash, cheque, BACS or card - via our card terminal machine. If no payment is received at the time of completion on that day then we kindly ask that payment upto (£50.00) and below is paid within the week of your services being satisfactory completed. If the amount then cannot be received for services we will allow a (2 weeks) cooling off period for the customer to complete there payment and if this cannot be completed and full payment is not received we shall remind our customer of there outstanding amount due and owed to the company before proceeding with a late payment charge.

If the company is forced to refer the client's account to a third partyfor the collection of outstanding service charges then extra costs may be added to the outstanding amount by the debt collecting company.

We accept cheque payments however if a cheque is returned to the company due to a bounced cheque or forced stop we will firstly contact the customer, then if no acceptable reason is given we will add the additional surcharge that our company has acquired by the bank to the customers outstanding balance plus an additional (£25.00) admin fee.

The company reserves the right to cancel any job/work to be carried out due to lack of information or misleading purposes and refund the deposit paid in advance of any work to be carried out in full without surcharge.

The client agrees to and authorizes the company to charge his/her credit/debit card with any outstanding amounts owed to the company.


No refund claims will be entertained once the cleaning service has been carried out. The company shall assist where necessary any obligations as to work expectations and offer an alternative within reason.

Refunds will be issued only if the client has cancelled a cleaning visit within the allowed (24 hour) time scale after the quotation has been approved. Any payment/deposit will be refunded within the week to the client.


There will be a £10.00 late cancellation charge/fee for cancelling a quotation/work after the (24 hour) notice period for non-contract clients. This usually means a forfeit in the deposit left to the company for your booking.

If the client needs to change a cleaning day or time the company will do its very best in accommodating the customer. A minimum (24 hours) notice is required. Any changes to the cleaning duties/areas must be explained in full detail to the cleaning operator and any large/heavy objects around the home/building must be assessed before moving as stated in (6.6.4).


The company's public liability insurance and employers liability will cover damages caused by a cleaning operators working on behalf of the company up to the value of (£1,000,000). Our policy is available to be proved via our website under (services).

The client agrees that due to the nature of the service the company guarantees only breakages caused by the cleaning operatives.

While the company makes every effort not to break/damage items around the home/business accidents do happen. Identical replacements is always attempted but not guaranteed. For this reason the company request all irreplaceable items (whether monetarily or sentimental value) to be stored away or removed from the cleaning areas.

In the case of damage, the company will firstly perform a check of furnishings which have to be moved/handled i.e. sofas, cabinet's, tables, chairs etc for rips tears before the cleaning is to be undertaken in hard to clean areas. By no means can a client/customer come back with a claim of damages to furnishing or other items when the work has been carried out and completed. Electrical items such as stereos, televisions and other media features must be either cleared out of the room, if this has not been achieved then the customer accepts all liability of accidental damages occurred by the operator.

The company shall not entertain or be responsible for damages due to faulty or improper installation of any items.


Any/ all paints provided or supplied by Nico Property Services are from our trade supply stockists. We hold no responsibility or accept liability for any defects concerning (paint quality control) once applied to the surface. We shall work with reasonable fair and impartial company practices that will rectify any issues concerning paint defects. Please note though that Nico property services shall not be held responsible or liable to rectify these issues for none payment. We shall work with the supplier of paints and our customers to provide an action plan to resolve and make good any impurities within the mixing and setting of paints should this matter arise.


Nico has started out the way we began which is to keep the business working efficiently and simple. Any feedback from our customers is welcomed and listened to for future development. With any cleaning task undertaken we ensure that the work is carried out professionally and in accordance with the law and health and safety. All chemicals have risk assessments and information provided to the customer and operator upon request.

All work that involves cleaning will be carried out with the appropriate chemicals and directed to the areas for cleaning as indicated by instructional purposes. Areas that are beyond restoring by methods of cleaning will be pointed out to the client and other methods or alternatives advised.


8.1All work undertaken will be discussed and agreed prior to the start date and all work will be completed by Nico property services unless otherwise agreed. 

8.2.The estimate/original price for work includes all labour and green waste disposals if required.

8.3. Any addition and/or alterations to the contract shall be properly treated as variations and subject to written instructions and additional payments may be required to cover the agreed changes. 

8.4The client shall provide access to the site’s during Nico Property Services normal working hours.

8.5Nico Property Services is not able to accept responsibility for any damage to (or cost involved with) any underground hazards, obstructions or services not made known to us in writing or apparent on visual inspection.

8.6It is very important and the sole responsibility of the Client to ensure we are made aware of any special/statutory bylaws/conditions/permissions that may be involved.

8.7Severe weather conditions, including drought, Heavy rain, snow, frost/icy conditions may cause the delay of visits but this will not affect the original, agreed price.

8.8 The removal of dog excrement or large amounts of litter from the site is the responsibility of the client unless agreed in the quote/price for removal before work begins.

8.9.Nico property services will send a detailed invoice to the client after each visit or end of month if there are multiple visits per month. 

8.10.The client will be responsible for all payments to Nico property services.

8.11.Payment terms are strictly 7 days and 14 days for commercial contracted customers from the date of invoice and we understand and will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms.

8.12.Payment methods are debit card; credit card and internet bank transfer (BACS) or cash on completion.

8.13. In the case of large grounds and gardens: a regular maintenance program will be agreed for the year. If the customer ends the contract early then 50% of the cost of the remaining visits of that year will be due.

8.14. The term waste removal refers only to waste produced by Nico property services. Where possible we encourage customers to have compost areas and/or green bins.

Please note we charge a minimum of £10-00 for any additional new customer query into our cleaning services. This price shall be altered by the company's discretion by:- condition, size and distance.
We shall firstly operate on a strictly safety at first base, this will include a check of current obstructions or dangers to the accessibility for the cleaning of properties/ buildings. We adhere to the "working at height regulations 2005". If we feel that clients, canopy’s/ porches/ angled roofs and flat working surfaces are to our disadvantage and unsafe we shall inform our customers and use an alternative method of cleaning. Traditional methods of window cleaning where by using ladders and working at heights are our main process of window cleaning however our new system for window cleaning reduces the need of working at heights and allows the operator to be ground fixed when window cleaning by using an adjustable telescopic pole to reach the unavailable windows by means of ladders.

Water fed pole cleaning system is currently in use with our cleaning procedures enabling us to operate on a more safer and effective way for our clients. Please note that windows may seem marked or have a dry spotting left after. This is normal and will occur on the first clean as the system washes off any impurities from cleaning with soaps over the years. This shall be monitored with good cleaning practices and will show better results on the second clean. During the process of water fed pole cleaning the windows are left soaking wet with pure water that has been through a stage of purification, this will then dry to a streak free clear result. We cannot be held liable for the inconvenience to clients cleans or unfavourable cancellations on the first visit, however an inspection and a re-clean will be offered at no expense to the client.


If a customer/company has chosen to have their carpets, rugs, floor mats, upholstery or any other fabricated/leather surface cleaned by nico property services we cannot be held responsible for or liable to discolorations, marks, impurities/defects the fabric could be subjected to. We shall use only safe-to-use conditioners and cleaners fit for purpose and safe for pets and children. If this situation were to arise we shall co-operate and assist with our customers in following up an inspection and if necessary completing a spot clean. This shall however take place when convenient to the company and re-scheduled.  All our cleaning work will be carried out by a responsible and trained staff member. If there are any specific markings or stains on the: A) Floor B) Carpet C) Rug that is to be cleaned that are not visible on the day of inspection/ quote then please let a member of staff be aware of these such areas if their out of initial first sight; i.e. behind sofas or under tables or any other furnishings. All markings and stains shall firstly be assessed and if on the day of cleaning such marks or stains cannot be removed then we cannot be held responsible for poor cleaning duties or inadequate cleaning techniques or inappropriate cleaning chemicals. We shall always perform an alternative second attempt and method to remove the stain/ markings, but if the carpet has been discoloured/ dyed or bleached of its natural colour, due to a particular substance whether oil-based or water-based or customer attempts to clean the stain, then we shall advise that the marked area/s will be visible from thereafter but no refund or discount shall be entertained from the quoted clean and Invoiced amount due.


We shall firstly perform/complete a spot check advising any customers of marks and stains that are present prior to cleaning, if this is the case we shall try our best and use the appropriate chemicals to remove stains/marks that are visible in the cleaning area, however long and untreated stains shall be extremely hard if not impossible to be removed to carpets, rugs, mats etc. This inspection will then be noted and then hopefully removed depending on the severity and duration of the mark/stain has been left to penetrate the area.


We are aware that driveways do become dirty and spoiled by the advent of larger and heavier vehicles which move block pavers after time, creating voids larger than normal size gaps where vegetation growth begins to overwhelm the appearance. We can perform cleaning duties with high pressure machinery which will transform driveways into their original condition but this is limited to age and condition or neglect.



All our sealant products will contribute to the stabilization of block pavers after re-sanding has been applied. This will break down weed growth that has been established for long periods of time, create a stronger sand barrier within the paver joints and help towards further easier cleaning if oil should be spilt onto driveways. We recommend two coats of sealant however this is only achieved by reapplying sealant thereafter each year for best results and maintaining control of air born weeds and germination. Please note that all products for driveway sealing are not a quick fix for the neglect of ownership duties and maintenance. Weed growth will still be a factor into any environment that is exposed to outdoor elements, this cannot be cured or eradicated over night. Nico property services cannot be held responsible for the neglect of property owners who fail to maintain driveways by not treating areas where weed growth reappears.

The client agrees that any use of the company’s services including placing orders for services by telephone, fax, and email constitutes the clients acceptance of these terms and conditions.


You must present your Loyalty Card at the time of (1) a service provided by nico property services has been carried out in order for a stamp to qualify for Points, our terms are that you only qualify for a reward point if your chosen service is over the value of £50.00 to qualify for the "reward scheme" .

We will award 1 stamp for every service over £50-00 you spend on our qualifying purchases this does not include general window cleaning. We reserve the right to change how Points are accrued, from time to time and at our sole discretion, and we shall notify you of any changes we make by updating these Terms on this Website. 

 If we refund you for services carried out that may have attracted stamps, we reserve the right to deduct these Points from your loyalty earnings card at any time. 

You can carry over loyalty stamps collected into the following year, we shall give our customers a unique customer reference number to hold information and services accrued for our records. 

We will obtain details such as, name, addresses and contact details. These shall be stored and monitored to keep track of when our property services are used five times, allowing our customers to use the reward scheme offer. If for any reason we suspect or believe that our loyalty cards have been tampered, altered or abused in any way, we reserve the right to cancel any monetary value to that customer.

Your information is protected by our practices to maintain legal at all times in relation to your private information we store about you. Our legal duties are also to provide you with (a) what information we hold about youand (b) your right to ask us to remove/ delete all of your personal details on file we have.

Nico property services own all Loyalty Cards and Vouchers. It is your responsibility to notify us of any loss or theft of a Loyalty Card by contacting: Customer Services: (+44) 115 8602263  quoting your unique reference number. We shall then transfer your rewards collected and continue with our promotion with a new loyalty card delivered to yourself.

 If your Loyalty Card is cancelled for any reason, your Points will also be cancelled and no Voucher or any other financial or other benefit will be issued in respect of this. 

You cannot transfer Points to another person, including any family member unless they are additional holders of the same Loyalty Card scheme by nico property services. 

These Terms shall be governed by English law and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with these Terms.

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