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Solar Panel Protection & Maintenance Services

Have you been having problems with birds, "pigeons" nesting under your photovoltaic panels? If so, we have the perfect solution for you! Great news you might say! We like to think so too and our guaranteed products and installation techniques will give you peace of mind for the lifetime of your solar panels. (whilst you own the property)


Only the highest quality materials are used and are a humane deterrent strictly adhering to the "Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981".We do not condone the harming of birds and wildlife in general -  we simply encourage them to nest in their natural habitats.


All our work is carried out safely by trained operatives using scaffolding, scissor lifts or cherry pickers as appropriate for the individual installation site.


With each installation we also carry out a thorough cleaning of the area beneath the panels and the panels themselves, using approved cleaning agents. After cleaning the panels we ensure that loose cabling is secured prior to fixing the mesh to the perimeter of the panels ensuring complete protection from pests entering beneath the solar panels.

Every service we provide includes:

* Full inspection of the area required for the installation of mesh protection.
* An evaluation of the site itself paying particular attention to site access and neighbouring properties.
* All rubbish removed from site after completion.
* Appropriate deterrent products specific to each individual site.
* Full guarantee on hardware and installations for the life of your panels (whilst you are the owner of the property)
* Free quotations.


Our kits include galvanised wire mesh and appropriate fixing clips, designed to be 100% effective in preventing pigeons and other pests from nesting beneath the panels.

  • 100% effective when properly installed, better than using spikes, chicken mesh or repellent gels
  • Does not pierce roof or solar panel, no leaks or warranty issues with panels
  • No gluing or drilling necessary.


If you have any queries into our services then please contact Matthew on 0115 8602263 for a free quote. We are available throughout Nottinghamshire/ Derbyshire areas. Thank you.





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