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Are your gutters in need of cleaning, probably yes and were here to offer our services to any home or business in the maintenance of the water drainage system "guttering". Either brackets, clips have broken or just become worn due to their wear over the years causing leaks and blockages. This can have an impact on your property's appearance and maintenance and cause expensive repairs around your property.


Working from past experiences we have noticed an ever growing demand for the work of gutter clearing and inspections due to faulty drainage angles and poor blocked guttering. Over time gutters/soak ways and other types of commercial roof drainage systems become blocked and inefficient costing more in repairing than maintaining. Our approach is simple, we offer a package for our commercial/ domestic client's that allows us to maintain your drainage systems leaving water channels clear of debris and flowing efficiently year on year end helping to cut costs on heavy repair bills when water penetrates and leaks through unwanted areas.


When our customers approached us with questions like; we have "conservatories, extensions" on our property's leaving hard to reach areas unclean and unchecked this no longer had to be the issue with nico property services. We invested in Our 3000watt self contained 40 ft access wet & dry cleaner that will cope with all kinds of scenarios whether it be blocked roof tiles laying in gutters or just soaked leafs, moss and silt that has collected over the years we have the solution to your needs. We offer a service that can adapt and clean hard to reach areas for peace of mind with benefits out weighing the costing.


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Simple ladder free gutter cleaning & repair service
let us handle your home maintenance

Services We Offer...

  • No more leaks or blockages from hard to reach areas
  • Free, fast, No obligation quotes
  • Fully insured trained staff
  • All minor repairs included**
  • Yearly repeat maintenance discounts applied
  • All guttering services will qualify for (30) days call back for faults
  • One off visits or yearly contracted services
  • Fully insured and risk assessments where needed
  • Repairs and replacement parts where necessary
  • Working close with our customers to meet budgets
  • No ladders or walking on unsafe roofs needed
  • Above conservatories and extensions cleaned
  • Gutter leaks and repair work carried out
  • Up to (40 ft) access achieved with our equipment
  • No high cost access equipment needed
  • Small and large work undertaken/ one off requests welcome


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