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Nico Property Services has continued to outsource quality materials and consistency into there chosen suppliers. Here we offer a complete bespoke range of composite doors, Pvc-U window etc.

Our Composite doors offer toughness, strength and security, because our doors are manufactured with sixteen layers of laminated veneered timber called Kerto®. This ensures the grains are not running in one direction. This type of construction enables that the door does not become a weak point for the timber and lead to warping, or splitting.

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A typical foam filled GRP construction has only a small section of the door which is actually solid. The door is made up from two GRP skins bonded to a sub frame which is then filled with high density foam. The Gel coated GRP skins which are bonded to the frame are vulnerable to scratching, and not easily repaired if dented.

Painted GRP skins are liable to fading and are commonly mismatched with supposedly matched frame colour, particularly on woodgrains.


The SOLID CORE door is made from sixteen layers of laminated veneered timber called Kerto®. This ensures the grain is not running in one direction. The grain direction can sometimes be a weak point of timber and can lead to warping, or splitting. By using a specially orientated layup of sixteen veneers, the grain is running in multiple directions ensuring the Kerto® core has significantly increased strength, rigidity, and vastly improved security. Bonded to this are two robust coloured PVCu skins that offer a realistic wood grain effect or smooth finish in a range of colours.

The door comes complete with a Sculptured frame (Chamfered is available on request) in a choice of twenty two coloured foils as well as plain white or cream. There is also the options of a 57mm low PVCu threshold instead of the normal 77mm as well as a 24mm aluminium which can also have wheelchair ramps fitted. Timber is naturally renewable and our Timber is purchased from sustainable managed forests and can be recycled at the end of its useful life and not destined for land fill.

None of the 22 Colour variants require painting of any description. Bonded to the core are two robust coloured PVCu skins that offer a realistic wood grain effect or smooth finish in a range of colours. These skins are laminated with coloured Renolit foil, which is the same foil used on the vast majority of PVC windows and doors. The result is that the slab and frame are an exact material match.

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Choose from our extensive range of uPVC windows and doors to improve the energy eficiency and security of your home

At Nico Property Services we aim high to give our customers the very best service, price and quality assurance in our product range. We offer Stylish looks, A-rated glass technology for efficiency to ensure maximum heat retention and minimum heat loss.

** Create that perfect and stylish fresh look to your home with

A- Rated glass technology.

** High energy bills? Reduce your energy bills by installing our top A- rated glass technology, keep the cold out and warmth in, meaning you spend less on your heating bills.

** Eliminate draughts and keep your property warm inside

"Guaranteed to help you start saving from the moment we meet"

All of our FREE quotes are valid for 3 months.

Expert installations

UK - Made doors and windows.

Enviromentally friendly by removing your old windows and doors and recycling 95% of our waste.

(10) Year Guarantee.

Priced around our customers budgets and requirements.

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