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To all our customers, updated on the 28/06/2020


During this ever changing and evolving time of COVID-19, the health and security of myself and employees, customers and users of our product services is our highest priority.

As the situation is changing on a daily basis, we would like to make sure that our customers know the precautions we are continuing to take.


At this point in time no employee within Nico Property Services (NPS) has been tested positive for COVID-19.


In addition to precautions outlined by Public Health England, such as extended personal hygiene measures, including hand washing and sanitising, NPS has taken the following precautions and actions, all to limit the risk of a possible contamination of COVID-19.

  • All workers that can work from home are remote working at this point within the business for telephone or email inquiries. We can still visit for external quotations and our internal services will be available from the 4th July. We are operating our cleaning and decorating services firstly where we can work in either sepererate rooms and also keep occupiers of the property in other parts of the house whilst we work, (maintaining the 2m distance guidance).

  • As a company we are aware that policy making is "scattershot" at this very present time, as we have not seen the virus directly. We shall however lean very conservatively to the protection mechanisms, adding perception given that the virus may transmit asymptomatically. So by asking staff to stay home if they feel unwell will do more to reduce transmissibility. This also applies if our customer/ client feels unwell or unsure of symptoms that may cause concern for the staff that will be working inside the property for that duration. In this case we shall cancell our appointments/ dates for services and reschedule after a (14-day quarantine time has lapsed)

  • All our staff are practising social distancing during the working day. The 2 metres distance ruling whilst working outdoors and around the interior (from the 4th July) and exterior of properties, no handshakes, hugs or physical contact are permitted and must be avoided at all times please.

  • All of our cleaning equipment and tooling are being sanitized after each and every visit to our customers properties. We are wearing PPE where needed and ensuring good use of limited supplies by reducing waste, as this is achived by sanitizing again over protective gloves.

  • Critical visitors only are allowed into our office space maintaining the (2- meter distance) with hand washing routines observed.

  • No contact with delivery drivers from other external transportation companies are allowed. We have a policy which enables deliveries to be dropped off either at customers properties or our workshops and then sanitized before handling and moving into our areas of storage or use.

  • If any personnel develops COVID-19 symptoms or who has a family-home member that may have symptoms  will be sent home to quarantine for (14 days) for the safety of others, themselves and members of the public. A full disinfection procedure will then be carried out according to pre-arranged policy.

  • Any payments for services carried out can be made safely with our contactless card readers, you may also pay by BACS to limit contact for payments. The contactless maximum amount is currently set at (£45).


We will keep you informed on an ongoing basis with further news, for the time being we have to approach the current conditions this country is facing and world crisis with a positive attitude, adapting today and for the foreseeable future with a "common sense" attitude to enable ongoing business. We still need property emergencies to be addressed safely, property maintenance to include exterior and interior upkeep and to help stable economy motions. Our interior property services are now being re-intrtoduced with strict government advice for our sector of business service, this shall only be met with good clear advice and adhearing to our policies, (we reserve the right to cancell, change dates or reschedule appointments for our visits or services if we suspect or have positive news that customers or staff may be unwell due to the ongoing virus threat).

Thank you for your co-operation at this time, we would be delighted to answer any of your questions moving forward together.

Take very great care, ensuring that you stay safe.


Kind regards,

Technical Director at Nico Property Services

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