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Over the last five years Nico property services has expanded its services to accommodate its ever growing customer base.

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning services has now grown tastefully offering a variety of tailored cleaning options that not only helps our customers in finding a loyal and quality assured company through repeated and continued services we provide for them, whether domestic or commercial but finding a cleaning service provider that are accommodating, considerate, fully insured and convenient when called upon.

We know that our established commitment and attention to detail with products and services to offer will help the community & businesses in saving time and money where it's needed.

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Every service we provide includes:

* Limited furniture removed.
* Full vacuum of the area.
* Any stains/ markings removed prior.
* Carpet pile re-set.
* Deodoriser added to remove unwanted smells within the pile.
* A sanitizer added to remove all ranges of bacteria.

* Optional Carpet & Upholstery protectors for longer lasting results

We use only safe to use chemicals on carpets and upholstery, our main carpet extraction products are prochem.

End of tenancy's are a problem to most landlord's after taking back their property's but we work closely with landlord's ensuring that carpets if left unclean are deeply cleaned, odour neutralised and most bacteria and stains removed. Our machines will even revive heavily worn piles where everyday foot flow has past.

* Steam cleaning is mainly used in medical locations and food preparation areas. Our machine operates at around 160 degrees centigrade without damaging surface areas, this kills around on contact 99.9% of bacteria, allergens, and spores including MRSA and Ecoli.


Prices are based on Residential & Commercial enviroments and include all equipment, liquids and detergents.
We feel that a realistic approach in today's world for our customer's is the key for keeping things simple and running smoothly hence our "keep it simple" approach makes understanding the needs and following procedures set out for our clients stress free.   

We have worked well with our customers/ clients offering yearly or more frequent cleans at a set price of £1.95 per sq (m) on all flooring and rooms within your business premises or property's. We have a minimum price of £50 worth of cleaning per call out to qualify for the £1.95 set fee.

So if you’re looking for the next contractor to employ or just considering a general freshen up to your  carpets or upholstery then consider Nico as your first choice. Our machines are cleaned serviced and maintained well to provide full strength cleaning with no loss of suction leaving carpets (85/90%) dry after cleaning so business can carry on as usual, although we do state that a drying time is preferred of around 1/2 hours for complete dryness.


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